Buying a Home

To Help You FIND a Home We Will:

  • Discuss your home requirements, including style, location and price

  • Review specific facts of financial alternatives to determine the price most suited to  your financial abilities.

  • Provide information on homes available in the area of your choice, NOT JUST THOSE LISTED!

  • Provide access to information on properties directly from this website to see the Residential Properties listed by ALL PARTICIPATING REALTORS available TODAY

  • Give access to a variety of information on the communities of importance to you. 

To Help You CHOOSE A Home We Will:

  • Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each home in relation to your specific needs.

  • Show you where written information on taxes, local laws ordinances, building permits, inspection reports and comparable sales can be found.

  • Explain the complete estimated settlement expense sheet for any home on which you make an offer - there will be NO surprises!

To Help You BUY A Home We Will:

  • Provide contacts to mortgage professionals, who can explain all the financial alternatives, to find the lowest cost financing available on the home you choose.

  • Handle all the detail work and negotiations, carefully explain all written documents, and give you a copy of everything you sign.

  • Refer you to a financial lender who can help explain the procedure for a mortgage application and processes involved  in securing a mortgage for your unique financial situation..

To Help You to LIVE in Your New Home We Will:

  • Provide information necessary to help in transferring all utilities and services